All the Windsor Blue B4-TDIs come from VW with a tan cloth interior.
We removed all tan seats, door panels, tan carpet and tan headliner.


Sound deadening installed for super quiet ride and increased appreciation for stereo music.


We installed black leather seats, black carpet, black door panels and a new black headliner. New leather shift boot and new black leather emergency brake handle made by a company in England that made them for VW in 1996.


Complete suspension rebuild, new drive axles, new wheel bearings, new brake rotors, new Bosch brake pads.

Rebuilt calipers, new ball joints, new tie rods, rebuilt brake wheel cylinder, flushed brake fluid, new Pentosin synthetic DOT 4 brake fluid.

Suspension parts assembled with new cadmium plated bolts.

New tires on GLS alloy wheels.



Engine compartment after upgrades.

Timing belt, water pump, serpentine belt, alternator belt, air filter, fuel filter, cabin filter, new vacuum hoses, new fuel lines, cleaned intake manifold, new valve cover gasket, new dip stick funnel. Flushed engine, used new German Pentosin Synthetic oil, Bosch filter, breather pipe, pressure checked coolant system, new VW G-12+ coolant, new N-75 sensor, new 109 sensor, cleaned turbo tubes, new seals, injector pump service, new battery.

There are engine parts taken off for upgrades, intake manifold, fuel filter, air filter, turbo air tubes, breather pipe, water pump, airflow sensor, belt tensioner, alternator.

New German fuel lines, vacuum hoses and air sensor.

New water pump and cleaned intake manifold.


New Contitech serpentine belt, new timing belt and new fuel filter.

Finished engine compartment.