In the 21 year US history of the Passat (1990-2011) the legendary AHU 1.9 Turbo Diesel engine was only available in Passat 1996-97. Only 980 of these unique 1996 Passat B4V-TDI Wagons sold in the USA. A 2009 survey found 622 still registered in the USA. High survival rate due to passionate responsible ownership. There were also around 3800 of the 1996 Passat TDI SEDANS sold in the US in 1996. The Passat B4-TDI Sedan and Wagons, largest VWs ever made. Higher quality, more interior room and better mileage than newer TDIs And they get 45 to 55 MPG, 1000 -1300 miles a tank! And they appreciate in Value!  All 1996-97 Passat TDIs built in Germany. Hands-on "Wolfsburg Edition" (most newer VWs now built in South America/Mexico)

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