The following details some of the extensive upgrades:

Engine Compartment:

New air filter
New fuel filter
New cabin filter
New German timing Belt/tensioner/roller
New water pump
New Serpentine belt
New alternator belt
New vacuum hoses
Cleaned intake manifold
Engine flush New German Pentosin Synthetic oil (good for 10,000 Miles)
New Bosch filter
Turbo serviced
Cleaned cooling tubes new seals
New sensors, N-75, 109, etc.
New Battery
New hoses
New vent down-pipe assembly
New valve cover gasket
New glow plugs
New glow plug wiring harness
New injector nozzles
Serviced injection pump
Flushed cooling system
New VW G-12 coolant

All correct OEM/German parts.


New German brake pads
New German brake rotors
Flushed brake lines, new brake fluid
Rebuilt Audi calipers
New German wheel bearings
New drive axles
New German Bilstein Struts
New tires, new tie rod ends
4 way alignment

All correct OEM/German parts.