We are B4V-TDI Fanatics!

What we mostly do around here at NICECARS is deal with 1996-7 Passat B4V-TDI Wagons. We've been in the VW business for almost 30 years now, sold over 5000 VWs. We've worked on and sold Rabbits, Quantum’s, Golf’s, Jetta’s, Corrado’s, Polo’s, Sirocco’s, Beetle’s, Campervan’s, Caddy’s, Passat’s and TDI’s. That experience has proved to us that the B4-TDIs are by far the absolute highest quality VW ever built.  We got our first B4V-TDI Wagon back when they were nearly new. It didn't take very long for to figure out this was no ordinary Volkswagen. These B4-TDIs are built by Audi at the German Audi assembly plant and all are "Wolfsburg Editions," the highest quality hand-built German cars ever built. Since then we've been finding original B4V-TDI Wagons all over the US, as well as Germany and other European countries.

B4V-TDI Wagons were only built in 1996 and the first 2 months of 1997 and only 980 were sold in the US. According to a 50 state DMV search there are 622 still registered in the US.

NICECARS has now restored 366 of the remaining 622.

NICECARS has provided OEM VW B4-TDI NOS parts not available from regular VW Dealers to many of the 622.  We have also worked on about 125 B4V-TDI Wagons brought or sent to NICECARS by the original owners for authentic and proper care, maintenance, upgrades, and modifications. About another 50 of the 622 came to us for appraisals on their B4Vs that were damaged and insurance companies were trying to "total" because of their "low" value. Because NICECARS has either sold or worked on about half of the existing 622 B4Vs, we are in a position to more accurately establish current market value than anybody else. NICECARShas more data and records of the 622 remaining B4V-TDIs than any other source.

We've been able to provide B4V owners with considerably higher values than what insurance companies were trying to offer.

We kinda know where the low miles B4Vs are and occasionally we'll able to get one of these low miles B4Vs. Many of those original owners would rather see their beloved B4V-DI Wagon go to NICECARS as they know their B4V will be treated well and brought back to life and bring the joy of B4V ownership to a new owner. Some original owners want photos of their B4V getting its make-over for the new owner. People get real attached to these unique TDI Wagons.

But being able to actually buy one of these low miles original B4V only happens once in awhile.

Here at NICECARS we have a simple belief: to bring to you the finest 1996-97 TDI Volkswagen Passat restorations to be found. We're scouring the entire world for only the best B4V-TDIs to start with, put them through our rigorous, vigorous, and robust processing procedure to offer the most authentic and personalized restored B4-TDI Passats anywhere on the planet!

We have now found, restored and sold 366 of the original 980 B4V-TDI Wagons sold in the US in 1996 as well as over 207 B4S-TDI Sedans!

Come to our shop and see for yourself. All it takes is one test drive and you, too, will be fascinated by the quality of these amazing vehicles!

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