Our take on the VW diesel emissions scandal

Government power is at times used by those in positions of political power for profit. The Environmental Protection Agency is clearly a blatant abuse of federal power as Amendment 10 excluded the Constitution from doing so. That abuse of power began soon after November of 1999 when opportunists Bush and Cheney got elected. Their ties to the big oil companies caused the EPA to over-regulate the problems caused by the nitrogen oxide so-called environmental hazards of diesel powered passenger cars. It’s universally accepted that diesel engines are considerably more efficient than gasoline which is why so much of the world is run on diesel engines. The big trucks moving everything in this country are diesel powered. Most of the equipment that builds everything in the US is diesel powered. Farm tractors that produce our food are diesel powered. It’s unrealistic to try to get the backbone vehicles of our economy changed to gasoline but the Bush administration was able to do just that to passenger cars. There is a huge profit to be made by making emissions standards more stringent for nitrogen oxides of diesels more "dangerous" than gasoline pollutants in order to generate $30 billion per year more revenue for oil companies.

That abuse of power was not Richard Nixon's objective in 1970 when his administration established the EPA.

The over regulated "dangers" of diesel fuel caused the EPA to order unrealistic emission "controls" on diesel powered vehicles starting soon after Bush and Cheney got control.

Those unrealistic "controls" caused the demise of Japanese diesel powered passenger cars and trucks in the US. Millions of fuel efficient Japanese diesel powered car/trucks are now sold all over the world but not in the USA.

In the beginning Volkswagen complied with the lame rules and installed smog devices which used more fuel and lowered efficiency. From 2000 on the TDI's got less and less efficient. The regulations got more stringent every year trying to get rid of diesel cars and up the sale of the more profitable and less efficient gasoline. The regulations were so ridiculous/stringent for 2007 that VW finally threw in the towel and ceased the sales of their TDI in the US. Due to the demand of the fuel efficient TDI they were reintroduced again in 2010. This time around the TDIs were not allowed to use alternative fuels, no more bio-fuel. They needed to be run on pump diesel only that oil company diesel. They were also give this list of ridiculous emission controls that no car could run on. So, VW tricked their ECUs to show they really were in compliance. That lasted until 2016 when the ruse was discovered.

To date, this blatant abuse of federal power has cost Volkswagen over $30 billion.

We have the influence of the power of the big oil companies on the federal government to thank for the demise of diesel powered cars in the US.

Diesel nitrogen oxides should only be a concern in metro areas where they produce smog. The amount of nitrogen oxides produced by diesel engines is nothing compared by those produced through natural processes. The US Constitution limited federal power as a way to prevent opportunists from using the law for profit instead of letting profit come from the actions of honest Americans.

This nonsensical unrealistic fraudulent profiteering and un-American TDI emission scandal and nothing to do with the 1996 B4-TDIs, the original and best TDIs.

This government fraud was not enacted unit 2000 the B4-TDI were built and sold in the US in 1996 and the first of 1997 - they didn't have to deal with any of that emission nonsense required on the later TDIs. The B4-TDI emission controls were limited to a few experimental devises that didn't affect the power loss like the later and over-controlled TDIs. This is why B4-TDis can be operated on alternative environmentally superior fuels that are available at no cost for waste products such as waste cooking oil, algae fungus, and numerous plant oils. Only one of the reasons for the superiority of the B4-TDIs which are smog exempt in most states.