B4-TDI Appraisals and Insurance Claims

980 B4V-TDI Wagons were sold in the US. Of the 980 originally sold 622 are still registered. Some of the owners of the 622 have come to us for appraisals on their B4Vs that had the misfortune of being damaged. These B4V owners were having problems with Insurance companies trying to settle with offers of low value for their B4V-TDI. Because NICECARS has sold about half of the existing 622 B4Vs, we are in a position to more accurately establish current market value.  The insurance companies are obligated to pay market value as opposed to "book value."  NICECARS has extensive data, records, and comparable sales of B4V-TDI's.  We also have past insurance settlement records on B4V's that no longer exist.  Because of our experience and records with B4V's, we've been able to provide B4V owners with considerably higher market values than settlement offers from insurance companies.

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