Improved health benefits of owning a B4V-TDI

According to several recent studies gas pump handles are the "germiest" items in America.

Hygienist swabbed gas-pump handles were analyzed by the University of Arizona microbiologist, and then studied. The results of a study conducted by Dr. Charles Gerba ("Mr. Germ") found that 71% of fuel pump handles were "highly contaminated" with germs associated with high risk illness. One of the reasons is people pressing the handle firmly to activate it thereby pressing their germs firmly onto the handle. UUGGH!

Because a B4V-TDI gets at least twice the Miles Per Gallon over most conventional vehicles, a B4V-TDI owner will then handle germ laden fuel pump handles half as much. This will reduce the chances of the "high risk illness" contamination by 50%.

Just one of the many reasons to own a B4V-TDI!

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