VW Repair Services


****** B4-TDI Repair Services*******

B4-TDI owners from all over, Germany, Australia, California, Oregon, Texas, Alabama, Ohio, Alaska, all over the US and the world have brought their B4V Wagons and B4S Sedans here for our B4-TDI repair/upgrade services.

Many of the B4-TDIs sent/brought here have over 500,000 miles and going strong. The highest mile B4-TDI we know of comes in once a year for service, its got 691,000 miles!

We do a no charge, 60-point inspection and computer scan and recommend services needed and the cost. We have most B4-TDI parts in stock, parts regular VW dealers don't have and can't get.

We've worked on many hundreds of B4-TDIs and our guys certainly know their way around a B4 -TDI Passat.

Everybody here is a B4-TDI fanatic for good reason: these incredible cars have a reputation they deserve!

Call (360) 398-2854 or e-mail -- vwtdis@hotmail.com to discuss keeping your B4-TDI on the road!


From Rick Hammond, Oregon who brought his B4 here for service...

"I just wanted to drop a quick note to say "thanks" for the attention to my B4-TDI needs last week. All the items on my wish list were addressed. Jason did a great job. He had my window fixed in 10 minutes, and it was a broken wire. I'm going to call the VW Dealer here to complain a bit. I had taken the car to him because the window was down and it was raining. Even though I specifically mentioned that it was likely a broken wire, his service guy said it was a bad motor. Obviously not!

You guys also did a "ventectomy" so now I can get the full 25 gallons of fuel capacity without fussing with the button. And there were other items correctly addressed also. I'm starting a new wish list, next time I'm near Bellingham, I'll see about stopping in again. Thanks Again, Rick H. "

From Tara Nelson of Bellingham, Wa. who bought a B4S-TDI in 2006 from Nice Cars

"I bought a 1996 Volkswagen Passat TDI sedan from NICE CARS 6 years ago. Since then, I have put more than 150,000 miles on it and have consistently gotten about 45 MPG mostly around town, 50 on trips.

Bob from Nice Cars is one of the most profoundly engaging and interesting car salesmen you'll ever meet in your life. I keep coming back because they are always honest and give me a fair price estimate for repairs.

Anyone who puts 150,000 miles on a vehicle is going to incur some repair costs and I've had a few but only the usual parts that regularly wear out -- timing belts, water pump, brakes, etc.

I've shopped around and Nice Cars, by far, has the best value for their services. They've also been super helpful in explaining the diagnosis without being condescending -- just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't understand the function of a radiator. I like learning about how my car works and the staff at Nice Cars have always taken the time to talk to me and explain, in detail, and in language most people can understand. They have also given me lots of flexibility because I'm on a budget.

They've always worked with me to find an equitable solution to the problem. That's why I'm a loyal customer." - Tara Nelson