We can significantly lower the road noise, improve the sound quality of the stereo system and retain temperature with the application of space age damping mats and noise barriers on the floor, spare tire well and door panels of the B4V Wagons.

This is the same type used on Boeing aircraft to deaden the noise and help retain the temperature and air pressure with thermo-ceramic barriers and closed cell acoustic foam. The results of this stuff is AMAZING!!!!



First, we take out the whole interior, seats, door panels, center counsel, shift boot, and carpets including the 32 trim pieces that hold them in place. Then we take out the factory sound dampener material and the factory sand mats that are underneath the carpets. The bare metal floor is scrubbed clean. Then we apply the air-craft sound-deadening to the floor, inside the doors, spare tire well and inside the quarter panels. It has a sticky epoxy-like glue that is heated with a heat gun which melts it into the metal and creates an air tight seal. Once that stuff is melted in place it would be near impossible to get it out. Then we install a layer of R-42 foil insulation on top of the sound-deadening. Then the original factory sound dampers go back in followed by the carpets. This deadens road noise and seals the up the bottom of the car. Dust won't creep in from driving on dirt roads. We also seal up the three air vents in the spare tire compartment that Audi installed to get air into the spare tire well. It takes about 4 days to get it all in there and it makes a BIG difference in road noise. This is the most popular option we offer. With less road noise you can converse with other passengers easier and listening to music is more defined.