Lisa Gansky, NICECARS B4-TDI customer #456

Lisa Gansky is "founder and CEO of multiple Internet companies, including GNN and Ofoto. She currently advises and invests in several social ventures, including New Resource Bank, Squidoo, Convio, Tastebook, MePlease, slide, Instructables, and Greener World Media. She is a cofounder of Dos Margaritias, a conversation-focused social venture. She lives in Napa,California. Visit for yourself!

Here is Lisa and friend picking up her "new" 1997 Passat B4V-TDI Wagon, Candy White, suspension conversion, sound deadening, Audi leather interior, remote entry, hundreds of new German parts.

From Lisa; "our research has shown the B4V-TDI Wagon is one of the most environmentally responsible, safest and best overall vehicle investments available."

"For NICECARS, Thanks for making the World a better place--One car at a time! All the Best, Lisa."

Bruce Biddle, NICECARS B4-TDI customer #455

Bruce Biddle, NICECARS B4-TDI customer #455. Seattle tug boat Captain, picking up his "new" Tornado red" B4V-TDI on June 1,2014. This Wagon came to NICECARS Green with a tan cloth interior. Bruce wanted it Tornado red with a Black leather interior, sound deadening, alloy wheels and a 1970 retro stereo system.

From Bruce; "I sure like my new car especially on the highway. Its so smooth and powerful. I've been getting 45 around town and 50MPG on the highway. I have to watch it as the speed creeps up to 80 and 90 so easy. When I first got it I thought the fuel gauge was broken, then I discovered you have to drive about 150 miles before the needle moves off Full! Thanks NICECARS for a great car!"

Bruce McKay, NiceCars B4V-TDI customer #450, Portland, Oregon


Here is Bruce and family picking up their "new" 1996 Passat B4V-TDI Wagon, Black Magic Pearl, one of the original 980 B4V-TDIs sold in the US.

From Bruce; "It was a pleasure to meet you Saturday; thanks for walking me through the initial operating features of the car.

I thoroughly enjoyed my driving experience back to Portland."

8/6/14 UPDATE - As reported by Bruce McKay himself on several review sites!

The NiceCars team walked with me every step of the way, including helping me to get full financing from a major, national bank! I don't doubt their sincerity and integrity for a moment. There were some typical wear and tear issues after the purchase. Took it to a couple local VW "guru" shops. The first wrote me an estimate for a drive axle and clutch both entirely not needed, and in fact in new condition. The 2nd helped me with an electrical item, and both remarked on how clean and well maintained the engine was, "not usually seen like that." NiceCars has been with me behind the scenes while I resolved these minor items. I was pleased to be able to spend some time at the NiceCars shop. They addressed every single item I mentioned and even added some stuff. They stand behind everything they do and know the value of the B4V/S and want the customer to appreciate it too, is the impression I took away.

John Johvin, NICECARS B4-TDI Customer #427; U.S. Navy Physician M.D.


Dr Johvin & family picking up their restored B4V-TDI Wagon October 2013

Hello Nice Cars; I wanted to report back after a week of commuting and update you.

It is Super Cool!

Just like you said, it really just wants to keep going on the freeway. It is faster and better handling than my wife's 2011 Jetta.

It is definitely responsive and surefooted. It reminds me quite a bit of my college days, and my 86 mustang GT, as crazy as that may sound.

It is almost as if it drives itself. I will need to invest in a radar detector! I wish I had discovered this car back in 1996.

It is a super cool car. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enjoy it.

From Don Lykins, Alabama, who ordered a White 1996 Passat TDI. Flew here in October, 2011 and drove it back to Alabama

Email October 04, 2011

"I made a pit stop in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The Passat is running like a Champ!! I am very pleased with how well it hugs the road, the ride is exceptionally smooth. This is a huge satisfier for me. Pass along my thanks to Paul, I know he put a lot of time and effort into getting it ready.”

Thanks, Don

Email October 07, 2011

"Arrived home in Alabama this morning and have some more good news to report...My fuel consumption for... the journey was 52.9 MPG !!! I am ecstatic with the results and with the overall performance of the vehicle. What an incredible machine !! Thanks again for providing a high quality product and a smooth business transaction. Best Regards, Don "

Email November 20, 2012

Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 10:01:39 -0800

Subject: 96 TDI


Hi Bob!

The Candy White 1996 TDI is still running strong at 156,000. I love this car and maintain it religiously.

I use the 502 spec 5W-40 Pentosin oil and Mann filter.Also replaced the gear oil.

The original power steering pump bearing started complaining a few thousand miles ago so I replaced it. I have put 25K miles on the car since I bought it from you and plan to keep this car a long long time :-)

I plan to contact Peter today and let him know of my positive buying experience with you. I hope that you have another 1996 gem in your inventory.

Best regards,

Don Lykins

From Jason Brickman, Delaware, bought a 1996 Passat TDI Wagon July 2011

"The TDI Wagon runs and drives great. It was worth the wait. a real pleasure to have one of these great cars again. The guys at the local VW Dealership are real impressed with all the good work you did on this car. Thanks for all the attention to detail. Love this car!

Thanks for sending the owners manual."

From Brandon Proudy, Skagit county, bought 1996 Passat TDI in 2008

"This car has saves me about $2500 a year in fuel! Its everything they said it would be. I get 49 MPG from combined city and highway driving. I fill up once every 3 weeks!! It’s been back to Nice cars for maintenance and the parts are at dealer cost and no charge for labor. The mechanics at Nice Cars are real TDI experts.

I wouldn't take my car anywhere else. “ - Brandon Proudy

From Tara Nelson..Bellingham, Wa. bought a B4S-TDI Sedan in 2006 from Nice Cars.

"I bought a 1996 Volkswagen Passat TDI sedan from NICE CARS 6 years ago. Since then, I have put more than 150,000 miles on it and have consistently gotten about 45 MPG mostly around town, 50 on trips.

Nice Cars owner, Bob, is also one of the most profoundly engaging and interesting car salesmen you'll ever meet in your life. But I keep coming back because they are always honest and give me a fair price estimate for repairs.

Anyone who puts 150,000 miles on a vehicle is going to incur some repair costs and I've a few but only the usual parts that regularly wear out -- timing belts, water pump, brakes, etc.

I've shopped around and Nice Cars, by far, has the best value for their services. They've also been super helpful in explaining the diagnosis without being condescending - just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't understand the function of a radiator. I like learning about how my car works and the staff at Nice Cars have always taken the time to talk to me and explain, in detail, and in language most people can understand. They have also given me lots of flexibility because I'm on a budget.

They've always worked with me to find an equitable solution to the problem. That's why I'm a loyal customer." - Tara Nelson

From Jason & Allison, Twist, Washington. bought a 1996 B4V-TDI Wagon in November, 2011

Email 12-7-2011

"Nice Cars: Thanks for seeing me and my TDI on Monday. I got 43 MPG with studded tires, in the winter, driving over Stevens pass doing 70 MPH the whole way. Thanks Again, Jason”

From Chris Soveral, Seattle, bought a 1996 Passat TDI January, 2010 from Nice Cars.

Email 7-18-11

"Hello guys: I love my TDI and what you have done to rebuild it. I will give the vehicle a glowing review to anybody knowing how wonderfully you take care of your customers." Chris Soveral.

Email 11-16-11

"My ignition is working great. Thanks for taking out the old one. i just love driving this car-comfy. heavy and likes the corners really well. Got to love that 50 MPG fuel economy ! Thanks for all your help! Chris".

From Pete Soveral, father of Chris Soveral, Pete bought a 1996 Passat TDI from Nice Cars

"My name is Pete Soveral. Nice Cars sold me a 1996 Passat TDI. The car has been excellent-smooth freeway mover-superior fuel economy. I've taken it back to Nice cars a few times for minor issues-instruments, headliner adjustment. They priced the parts to me at dealer cost no installation cost. My daughter, Chris, drove my Passat a few times and decided to get one. So far her Passat TDI has been great. She loves her car, especially business travel to Idaho."

Pete Soveral

From Trebor Mannings, California. bought a 1996 Passat TDI Wagon in 2006 from nice Cars

“Hello Nice Cars: Can you ship me 3 more jugs of Pentosin? You have my card to bill it. A new found friend also has a 96 Passat TDI Sedan and he will be getting in touch with you to get some of those new 96 "TDI "and "VW" emblems that the VW dealers don't have. My old wagon is still running smooth, now has 356K and I'm still getting 45-47 around town and when I get it out on the highway I'm getting 51 MPG running Algae fungus bio-diesel.”

From Jill Byrd, Anchorage, Alaska, bought a white Passat from Nice Cars 

"My white Passat has given me years of dependable transportation. It always gets 47 to 52 MPG. I'm giving it to my son now that he can drive. Jill Byrd"


From Nancy Andersen, Dallas, Texas bought a 1996 Passat TDI in 2007 from Nice Cars

"What a crazy-good car y'all sold us. This is so cheap to drive, its almost free driving! Its way more comfortable than the Jetta TDI we had. We drove from Dallas to California on one tank of fuel, over 1400 miles! What a car, best we ever had. Nan and Fred"


From Mike wilsom, Idaho Falls, Idaho. bought a B4S-TDI in 2008 from Nice Cars

"We got a 1996 Passat TDI Sedan 3 years ago from Nice Cars. I commute 110 miles a day, I get 51MPG in the summer and about 45 in the winter using pump diesel. I've put 90,000 miles on this car since I've had it, only spent $821 in repairs. I save a fortune in fuel with this amazing car! Our other car is a Ford Expedition that gets 14 MPG, what a difference! Mike Wilsom 12-19-2011"


From Robert Stewart, Bellingham, Wa. bought a Volkswagen from Nice Cars 2110

"I, Robert Stewart, purchased a  VW  in 2010 from Nice Cars. Since then I have had nothing but incredible service and customer rrelations from Nice Cars on the occasions I have come to inquire on any maintenance for the vehicle. I would definitely recommend nice Cars to others for both purchasing a vehicle and shop related service. Robert Stewart 11-16-11"

From Maurice Harris, Eugene, Oregon bought a 1996 Passat TDI Wagon 2008

Email 11-22-11

"Hello Nice Cars: This is Maurice Harris in Eugene, Oregon. my wife and I purchased a Black Wolfsburg 96 Passat TDI Wagon from you many years ago. We have enjoyed it very much, it has consistently done better than 40 MPG. Its now up to 208,000 miles. It runs great and still a terrific car."

Email 11-23-11

"Glad you remembered us. I remember you Forrest. Yes, that was us with the broken window you repaired for free."

From Guy Campisteguy, Seattle purchased a 1996 Passat TDI from NIce Cars Company in 2007.

"This Passat had been a very reliable car that gets great mileage. I do appreciate the good honest service we got when we brought it in for work. You people really understand what makes these old TDI cars run smooth. Thanks, Guy"

From Jim Brandhorst Skagit county, Wa. bought a 1996 Passat TDI 2009

"This has been a real good car. It gets the great mileage you said it would. I appreciate you dealing with a few repairs at no cost to us, that kind of service is unheard of in today's world of Car dealers. Thanks"

From Amy Shaefer, Yelm, Wa. Bought a 1996 Passat TDI Wagon from Nice Cars

"We bought a 1996 Passat TDI Wagon TDI to use in our restaurant business. It was great to be able to transport so many things and get such great mileage doing it. After we closed the restaurant we took the Passat back to Nice Cars for them to sell on consignment which they did. We got the price we wanted and everything went smooth."


From Ralph Band, Seattle, Wa. bought a 1996 Passat TDI wagon from Nice Cars

"The wagon runs and drives better than OK. After having it for a week we decided we didn't like the tires and wheels so we took it back to Nice cars. We got different wheels and new tires of a brand of our choice at no cost to us. Everything else is Ok we do love the mileage." 


From to Ron Williamson, Indiana bought 1996 Black Passat TDI Wagon $16,000

"I got a B4V GLX TDI conversion Passat TDI wagon from Nice Cars. Unfortunately the Wagon was wrecked and totaled soon after I got it. the Insurance company did not want to give me much, only $4000. I asked Nice Cars for help with the adjuster. Nice cars was my appraiser with the Insurance company. Because of Nice Cars expertise and records, I got $12,500 for the settlement. They repair bill was only $5000 so I made $7500 on the wreck. I tried to pay Nice Cars for the appraisal and he said, Forget it, the service comes with the deal."


From Matthew Blevis, Portland, bought a 1996 Passat TDI from Nice Cars.

"I bought a 1996 Passat TDI from Nice cars.  Everything was going great until I spin out in a rainstorm and crashed the car into a guard rail. Bob from Nice cars helped me get many thousands more from the Ins co. I took my car back to Nice cars and they had it all repaired looking like new. I love this car. Thanks"


From Edwin Reep, Seattle, Wa.bought one 1996 Passat TDI and also a 2001 Jetta TDI

"A few years ago I bought a VW TDI from Nice Cars in Bellingham WA. That car has been great! It still performs great today. I was so happy with the car and the great gas mileage that I bought another VW TDI (which is what they specialize in) for my wife a year later. We have been equally as happy with her new car as we still are with mine. I have told a lot of people about how happy we've been working with Bob at Nice Cars. A great place to start when looking for a new reliable car. As someone else commented, the art work in the office is really something (especially for all of us from the 60's -- weren't they great?)."

From Bob McDonald, Everson, Wa. bought a 1996 Passat TDI Wagon from Nice Cars.

"1996 Volkswagen Passat Wagon TDI B-4 Variant... GO GREEN! I've been driving one of Nice Cars Passat TDI's for the past 3 years and I've never felt better about a vehicle. I've been running on variations of BIODIESEL blends year round, ranging from a B-20 to a B-99 depending on the temperature. I use the B-20 throughout the winter to ensure that the fuel doesn't gel driving to the Mt. Baker ski lodge, and I've never had an issue with starting after a full day of winter on the mountain. As far as safety, the body and chassis is solid. Now to me, the mpg speaks for itself, but when I think of the reduction of emissions from the BIODIESEL on top of it, the benefits increase exponentially. The emissions from a petroleum based diesel are already a reduction from an unleaded gasoline, not to mention less treatment and processing... and when you begin to blend a fuel created from bio-mass, the harmful emissions are reduced drastically. Running a B-20 through a B-4 Variant (1996 TDI) is emitting approximately half the emissions called for by the International Kyoto Protocol for Global Climate Change... and the higher the BIODIESEL blend, the cleaner your emissions. The United States has called on auto manufactures to have a standard of 35 mpg by 2020... We have the potential to do so much more, and the 1996 Volkswagen Passat Wagon TDI B-4 Variant has established my contribution to cutting my "CARBON FOOTPRINT" in my mode of transportation... Thank You Nice Cars for your contribution! GO GREEN!  Bob McDonald"


From Larry Beatty, Blaine, Wa. bought a 1996 Passat TDI from Nice Cars

"Last year, December 2008, we purchased a "Nice Car," a 1996 Passat Wagon, B4V, that Bob and his mechanics had gone through rebuilding the under carriage and upgrading the engine with a new timing belt, water pump, etc. Bob sent this "B4VNice Car' out his door with a warranty for one year. As we drove it, a few age related problems appeared, a squeak seemingly from the throw out bearing, a sun roof leak, and a few other minor problems. Bob immediately took care of those problems. The squeak was a faulty transmission throw out bearing, so Bob had it replaced and said to us that if we wanted a new clutch, he would install it for free if we purchased the parts. We did. We had a leak situation this fall and Bob quickly took care of that, no charge!! GREAT SERVICE! In closing, it's obvious that Bob of "Nice Cars Co.," takes extreme pride in his work as each vehicle he sells has been totally gone through to be mechanically sound. Bob obviously has great ethics and pride in his cars."


From T.J. Underwood, Oregon, bought a 1996 Passat TDI from Nice Cars

"I bought my 1996 Passat TDI new and drove it until it was totaled in an accident several months ago. I contacted Bob at Nice Cars to see about a replacement and told him what happened to my car. Not only did he have three 96 Passat TDIs to choose from, but he worked with my insurance company and brought the value of my car up thousands! Will recommend to all my TDI friends!"


From Vernon Hall, MD, 89 yrs young, Camino Island, Wa. bought a 1997 Passat TDI from Nice Cars, a B4S with 61K miles

"I purchased my 1997 Volkswagen Passat TDI from NICE CARS on August 28, 2010 after looking at several that were good cars but this one caught my fancy. The process of purchase was the easiest that I had ever gone through in purchasing a car. My Passat TDI is the best car I have ever had. It gets 50+ MPG, it drives easy and is very comfortable to ride in. Already three of my sons all want it if I ever can't drive anymore. Vernon Hall"


From Paul Kaiser, Ferndale, Wa. bought 1996 Passat TDI Wagon November 2011, $16,000

Report from December 2, 2011

"I am loving this car!!, the handling, the ride, the feel, the economy. I don't like driving any of my other cars anymore. Thanks for a great car.  P. Kaiser"