(Part 1)


The B4-TDIs, the absolute best TDI ever made. Our restored cars with extensive upgrades are the best examples of these unique cars that can be found anywhere on the planet.

We use Erstausrüstungsqualitat when possible, German and Austrian made parts, made by the manufacturers that originally made the parts for Volkswagen when the cars were new. We also use German aftermarket parts that are created at a higher quality. The following is typical of the list of parts/work we do to these great cars before they are sold:

  • New Timing Belt and Tensioner – German Conitech

  • New Serpentine Belt and Tensioner – German Conitech

  • New Water Pump - German

  • New GLX-VR6 Driving Lights - Hella

  • New Door Handles - German

  • New Fuel Lines

  • New Vacuum Lines – Viton Blue Lifetime

  • New Front Bumper Turn Signal Assemblies - Hella

  • New Windshield and Windshield Gasket

  • New PENTOSIN TEILSYNTHETISCH Synthetic Oil - Bosch Filter (Oil made in Germany for VW Diesel Engines and recommended by VW). With this oil you can drive 10,000 miles between oil changes

  • New Oil Stick Funnel

  • New Fuel Filter, Bosch

  • New Air Filter, MAHLE - Austria

  • New Cabin Filter, MAHLE - Austria

  • New VW Phosphate Free Coolant – Pentosin German

  • New Tires - 195 60 R14

  • New N-75 Turbo Sensor

  • New Battery

  • New Brake Pads

  • New Brake Rotors

  • New Pentosin synthetic DOT4 brake fluid

  • New Drive Axles

  • New Wheel Bearings

  • New Antenna Assembly

  • New Windshield Wipers

  • New Turn Signal Assemblies

  • New VW, "Passat" and "TDI" Chrome Emblems – OEM VW

  • Correct B4-TDI Hubcaps

  • Original Heidelberg Stereo (some have aftermarket CD)


New B4 OEM "VW," "TDI" and "PASSAT"
chrome emblems.

Made by the Austrian Company that made them for VW in 1996, correct Audi part number.

These are the new B4 Passat door striker studs. Providing new striker studs allows for a good tight door shut. Everybody likes a good tight fit! These studs have a yellow carbon collar that the door latch grabs when shut. After 18 years of use the collar gets beat up like the original seen on the right below. All our B4V restorations get new striker studs installed and adjusted.

They come to us from Germany.


The clips below attach siding and various other parts to the vehicle. These parts are manufactured and shipped directly from Langweid am Lech, Germany.


The following clips attach the roof rack escutcheons to the roof under the roof rack.

They come to us from Germany.


The clips seen below attach the front fender moldings.

New TDI grill emblem for a "new" Tornado Red B4V-TDI Wagon restored for Tim P. from California. Most likely the last time this B4V will see snow since it was driven off to southern California Feb 25,2014. This was a GLX gas B4V that we converted to TDI. Black leather interior and tinted glass for that southern California sun.

New leather gear shift boots and new leather parking brake handles OEM from England.

Correct made in Germany fuel lines.


This is the cap that fits over the nut that holds the B4V Wagon hatch wiper on. This unique cap not only covers the nut but is made to direct the washer fluid onto the window. Many B4V-TDI Wagons we get in have this missing because sometimes when a B4V is driven through an automated car wash the bristles of the big brushes will grab this cap and pull it off. These are obsolete from regular VW dealers. Our research found the original supplier in Austria that made these for VW in 1996. We were able to get 135 of these original caps complete with the Audi part number. So, all of our restored B4V-TDI Wagons have a new cap...and if your cap ever gets "lost," you know who to call to get one.

These are B4-GLX restored wheels ready for new tires. These are the wheels used on most of our B4V-GLX-TDI conversions.

Most VW wheels from 2000 and newer will also fit.

This is a new VW OEM engine block coolant flange. All our restored B4-TDIs get this new flange installed with a new "O" ring.