(Part 2)

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This is a "Mistersatz" German hatch strut used on our B4V-TDI Wagons.


This is the intake manifold on a B4-TDI 1.9 engine. Sometimes these get clogged with excess carbon. We boil them in a solvent then blow out the carbon deposits, polish the outside and re-install with new gaskets. A B4-TDI will always run better with a clean intake.


All our B4V-TDI restorations get new Bio-fuel lines with new stainless clamps.

This is an oil dip-stick extension tube, new on all our B4-TDI restorations.


This is a B4-TDI turbo sensor called an N-75. All our B4-TDI get one of these sensors to help the turbo function correctly. These come to us from VW of Germany. The label on the box is "Umschaltventil" which is German for Change-Over Valve.

These are the new 3-piece clips used to attach the side moldings on our B4-TDI restorations.

Nice Cars Paintwork on B4V's


The B4-TDIs are not painted here at the main NICE CARS shop. We have a lot of flowers and a greenhouse here and nasty paint chemicals/fumes wouldn't peacefully co-exist with our flowers and our health.

All the paint is done a few miles away, then they come back here for the finish paint work. The finish work is the color-sanding, buffing and polishing. The paint and the clearcoat are allowed to cure for 2 - 3 weeks before the color-sanding and buffing. It needs to cure to get the high gloss. This curing time is when we usually get the assembly done. (The assembly is discussed elsewhere in the web site.)

High quality PPG base/coat, clear/coat paint, usually 8 - 10 coats of base, last coat color-sanded prior to a gallon of clearcoat.

Parts removed prior to paintwork; door handles, door moldings, door window frames, headlights, exterior mirrors, taillights, antenna, hood-mounted windshield squirters, windshield wiper arms, grill, both bumpers, roof rack.


The original B4-TDI paints are all kinda special. The "Emerald Green," the "Windsor Blue," the Black Magic Pearl" and some of the other original B4-TDI colors have microscopic flecks of Blue, Green, Silver and Gold inside the clear. These B4-TDI colors change according to the light. At night under mercury vapor lights they sort of get a purplish hue.

This is Audi/Mercedes quality paint not seen on normal Volkswagens. Wherever you look on a B4-TDI you will find something way better than a regular Volkswagen and the paint is no exception.

These are the factory colors for 1996-7 Passat B4-TDIs

Silk Blue Metallic Clearcoat LB5P/F5
Indian Red Pearl Clearcoat

Tornado Red Pearl Clearcoat LY3D/G2
Twilight Violet Pearl Clearcoat LC4T/W2
Emerald Green Pearl Clearcoat LC6P/W7
Black Magic Pearl Clearcoat LC9Z/Z4
Storm Grey Metallic Clearcoat LK7Y/M9
Windsor Blue Pearl Metallic Clearcoat

Satin silver Metallic Clearcoat LB7Z/X1
Candy White Pearl Clearcoat LB9A/B4

The rarest colors are the "Tornado Red", "Silk Blue", "Satin Silver", and "Candy White"